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Below are Hikercise video clips you can watch for free! Downloads cost $1.99 to $2.99. Hikercise videos run approximately 5 to 14 minutes, and are full of information regarding Hikercise moves, healthy alignment, breathwork to enhance endurance, and so much more! Hikercise moves are accessible to everyone, whether you desire a low-impact walk or want to step it up! At the convenience of your computer, you can learn these Hikercise moves and take them out on your walks or hikes, opting to enjoy casual upper-body movements or more rigorous repetitions. Hikercise offers myriad options for your own optimal Whole Body experience!
Thank you for exploring Hikercise, unique mobile yoga on the trail!

Hikercise Core flow of Lateral Extension and Extended Side Angle $1.99

Welcome to Hikercise's first video, complete with information regarding the most basic Hikercise moves born out of yoga. The views are epic, the instruction is clear and solid. We are thrilled with the first video made for Hikercise! Thank you for viewing!

Scissors $1.99

From the Hikercise core heart-opening move of lateral extension, we move into Scissors, which strengthens pecs, deltoids and biceps! Always additional reminders of breath and alignment, too!! Enjoy cutting it up w/ Scissors on the trail!

Tree Pose (Vrkshasana) and Modifications $1.99

Hikercise version of mobile Tree Pose. We all hold tension in our neck and shoulders! This video offers more in-depth modifications of Tree Pose in order to optimize neck - and shoulder-opening and tension-releasing efforts. Keep your chin up! You will find relief!

More complete Warrior (Virabhadrasana) $1.99

Hikercise helps you to find your empowered, graceful Warrior on the trail! There are many Hikercise moves born out of Warrior (Virabhadrasana)- this video highlights several Virabhadrasana options, along with a review of getting in touch with your Animal (refer to Animal video)! More Warrior Videos to come! Enjoy and Happy trails!

Pinwheel $1.99

We introduce you to a mobile Tai Chi move in Hikercise with Pinwheel, using our breath to maintain fluidity and equanimity in our Pinwheel flow. Pinwheel helps us to find full range of motion in our shoulders, a joint which rarely experiences its full mobility. Let the breezes take your Pinwheel for a spin!

Animal $1.99

Hikercise mobile version of Chair Pose (Utkatasana) and Cobra (Bhujangasana) to negotiate terrain changes (up and down hill) in a manner which is most supportive and protective of our lower joints - knees and ankles, thus reducing the risk of injury. This video is detailed in its information, and, that said, I plan to make more videos to support your efforts of getting in touch w / your animal! Animals are not looking at their hooves or paws when they walk and run! Let's learn to do the same and trust our bodies!

Smooth Those Waters $1.99

Smooth that inner white-water with Hikercise! Smooth those Waters helps you to open up your pectoral muscles while strengthening all areas of your upper body. New moves and review, as usual! Enjoy and Happy trails!

Tea Party (apolitical) $1.99

Hikercise pilfers another Tai Chi move and makes it mobile! Enjoy the benefits in every joint of your arm - your wrists, elbows and shoulders will thank you!

Perky Pecs! $2.99

This Hikercise video is power-packed with review of core Hikercise moves along with new moves including Perky Pecs and an Aura massage! Myriad moves, review, and fun! As always, Enjoy and Happy trails!

Tricep Bicep $2.99

Another power-packed Hikercise video full of review and extended information drawn on from Tree Pose (Vrkshasana) attending to the alternate muscle groups of our triceps and biceps.

Landing Airplanes $2.99

Although I mention early on this is an advanced move, it is only so with wrist weights. Anyone can attempt to Land Airplanes without wrist weights! This Hikercise video offers a plethora of review, wrist weight information, and the new move to help you land your local airplanes! Chin up and Happy trails!

Lunges & Breath $2.99

Hikercise exploration of lunges on the trail! And, I offer more detailed information regarding the customary Hikercise suggestion of nasal deep breathing.
I want to add an important point regarding the nasal exhalation which I failed to mention in this video and I often share on the Hikercise trail. It is not uncommon at all to feel like you are suffocating when you attempt the nasal exhale when exerting yourself - this is an acquired skill developing organ strength, especially of the heart and lungs. Keep practicing deep nasal breathing on and off the Hikercise trail - you will develop stronger heart and lungs! And reduce your stress levels! The benefits of Hikercise are endless...

Loosen UP! $2.99

A variety of Hikercise moves to Loosen UP and relax our muscles! Hikercise mobile yoga includes Cat/Cow (Durga-Go), and coming home to our primal squat (Malasana). We close with a variety of breath movement (Pranayama), complete with our closing Hikercise gratitude meditation. I thank you with all my heart for exploring and sharing in Hikercise. Namaste and Happy trails!