Hikercise | Reviews


Hikercise feels like active yoga and meditation. It's great!
Jodi M. : La Jolla, CA

I really appreciate the incorporation of visualization and focusing on the movement of energy most of all. It gets my mind moving in a different direction, and I've tried to incorporate those thoughts into my day when I'm not at Hikercise, too. The "animal" is my favorite though. It's the most fun now that I really can feel the "lift" in the air from pressing down with my palms. Thank you for making Hikercise available! I really enjoy the experience.
Jen : Durango, CO

I stumbled upon Hikercise while visiting Durango. I thought it would be fun to get out and hike with others since I didn't know the area. I met Mimi at Junction Creek for a Saturday morning hike, thinking I would just enjoy some exercise outdoors. I had no idea that I was in for a spiritual experience! Mimi's positive energy in guiding us in yogic breathing and stretches combined with the beautiful winter morning and the fresh mountain air was the ideal workout. Listening to the creek below and "letting it go" was exactly what I needed. Hikercise was the best thing ever!
I then joined Mimi for her Tuesday and Saturday classes during the rest of my stay in Durango. Each class offered a totally different experience. Even the hike through slushy snow and in the pouring rain was a moving experience. I felt rejuvenated and uplifted after each class.
Suzanne S. : Alexandria, VA

I was visiting my good friend in Durango and heard all about Hikercise and the fabulous Mimi. I couldn't even imagine how truly magical Mimi is, until I actually met her for my first Hikercise. Mimi led us on a fun and inspiring journey through fields and woods. My morning started off in such a beautiful way. The resplendent energy she created in us, was with me all day, and the ripple effects becoming a life long practice. Mimi is a Light and making the world a better place, one Anjali Mudra at a time.
Heather W. : Denver, CO

Recently I've had the pleasure of experiencing a completely new kind of workout. I experienced Hikercise.
Initially I was intrigued by the name itself...Hikercise. Was I going for a fast paced stomp through the woods? Was I going to be scrambling up a rock face with a camelback full of water and a hickory walking stick?
No...what I experienced was a wonderful journey with a very sincere guide. Mimi Gates, creator and instructor of Hikercise, led me through an hour long fitness program that left me feeling exhilarated, rejuvenated and spiritually grounded.
Mimi met me at the trail head and began explaining a bit about what we'd be experiencing. I strapped on my wrist weights and followed her to our starting point. We started off stretching and breathing. I fumbled a bit, but soon I was in the groove. We moved swiftly and deliberately; every motion punctuated with yoga-like breathing and a sincere connection and appreciation for the gift of our surroundings. I was completely focused on following Mimi's lead. About midway through our session we worked on squats and deeper stretching. Again, this kind of workout was very new to me. I was really in the zone. We continued along the path all the while using both upper- and lower-body resistance repetitions combined with serious aerobic output. I was feeling like a million bucks! As we came to the end of our session, Mimi wrapped up with a great stretch and a wonderful breathing cool down. Hikercise...I'm hooked!
Carl S. : Durango, CO

I feel Energized!
Doris A.(77 years young!)

Thank you!
I just wanted to say thank you for coming up with this idea. I am so Happy that Donna turned me on to it. I feel like this is an exercise I can do at my pace and still get an incredible work out! In the past I have gotten bored with classes I have taken, Hikercise changes so much and each time is so different, I can't imagine losing interest.
My goal is to come two to three times a week.
Traci M. : Durango, CO

I've now attended 2 of Mimi's Hikercise classes and I just can't say enough about how totally awesome both times have been. Through a co-worker I received Mimi's information and was fascinated by the idea of being outside, walk/hiking and getting upper body workout. Being the Benefits Coordinator at Mercury Payment Systems, one of my responsibilities is our Wellness Program. I immediately invited Mimi to do a Brown Bag Seminar for those interested and the response was wonderful. After her presentation she offered to do a demonstration for those who wanted to give it a whirl. I was totally hooked. We now have Mimi coming to our workplace on alternating Mondays and Wednesdays. How sweet it is!!!
Being outside in this wonderful Durango weather and enjoying the benefits of Hikercise is more than words can express. Thank you, Mimi for your innovation, vision and your motivation to be healthy and be out of doors. This is something you can do until you can't walk anymore.
Oh! People do look at you a little funny and you will find people smiling a whole lot as you walk by waving your arms in the air. It's quite wonderful actually.
Terry M. : Durango, CO

Hikercise and Bumpin' the Gunk
Speaking of those old energies leaving... there are many ways to bump the gunk. Salt baths. Reiki or energy healing sessions. Nature. Exercise... but my most recent discovery and favorite is mobile yoga, the Whole Body experience with Mimi Gates. I tell you what. If you want to clear your lungs, open all your chakras, get the most positive pick-me-up, bump the gunk, stretch out those limbs, feel better and do it all in the great beauty of our outdoors, Hikercise is it.
I've recently started attending Mimi's Hikecise and I can't believe the great energetic movement coming out of my body. The low resonating energies of infant and early childhood traumas in my first, second and third chakras that I've been trying to move the past 6 months seem to be coming out in chunks (with residual healing) along the trail with Hikercise. Mimi's got us doing mula bandha and uddiyana bandha and all these great yoga moves with deep breathing while on the trail. Though at times overwhelming, it feels magically wonderful in the beauty of our mountains. I'll be there tonight at 6 p.m. at the Animas Mountain meeting point. Check on Mimi's map (wildnerness locations and schedule) See you then!
Dana Shino : Durango, CO

I come for a well-directed full-body outdoor workout that pushes me further than I do myself. My favorite part is when we get low, get primal, and "find that animal"!
Margaret B. : Durango, CO

Doing anything with Mimi would be fun. Her exuberance is contagious and inspiring!
Elise F. : Durango, CO

As a mom, Hikercise is everything I want and need in a workout. With limited time, I have always struggled to prioritize my workouts. Hikercise makes it possible for me to do it all! I get to enjoy the great outdoors, get a cardio workout AND work on my arms. I've also noticed a huge improvement in my coordination!! It is an energizing, empowering experience. I finish feeling positive and charged up for the rest of the day!
Bonnie G. : Durango, CO

Hikercise is like a breath of fresh air for the body and soul. Mimi's motivating spirit, while watching her arms constantly pumping, keep me moving when I'd rather quit. As long as you're hiking, which is so pleasurable, it's great to take care of the whole body. Thank you, Mimi, for the invigorating experience.
Kathi H. : Durango, CO

As an avid knitter I deal with repetitive stress issues in my wrists, elbow area, and feel tightness in my forearms. I think that Hikercise will really help strengthen and stretch these areas. My first experience on the Hikercise trail was invigorating and fun. I look forward to making it a part of my weekly routine.
Lindsay P. : Durango, CO

I thoroughly enjoy Hikercise because it is a wonderful workout, especially because I am able to use both arm and leg muscles during the entire time. I really appreciate the fact that, with regards to the upper-body movements, I can go at my own pace, too. The hour goes by quickly because Mimi is so energetic and the group dynamic is especially nice.
Cheri B. : Durango, CO

Hikercise released tension in my shoulders, while opening up and stretching pectoral muscles. The arm movements aid in increasing my shoulders' range of motion, flexibility and strength, an especially enjoyable relief after what feels like hours of desk work. I loved breaking a sweat and increasing the cardiovascular effort of my hiking. Mimi's enthusiasm makes it all worthwhile. Also, as a Qui Gong and Tai Chi teacher, I enjoy a few of the basic moves of these disciplines I found incorporated into the Hikercise experience.
Caleb G. : Durango, CO

Hikercise is an activity that everyone can do. What makes it special is the inspiration and motivation of the instructor, Mimi. She keeps you engaged in exercise through her modeling and encouragement. Since Hikercise is done outside, on a trail, one is never bored or counting repetitions. I am pleasantly surprised how much I enjoy Hikercise with Mimi.
Becky R. : Durango, CO

My Hikercise experience was such a treat! YOU are such a natural coach, and have such an easy way with people that the movement/ exercise/ strengthening part of the hike was really fun. The concept is like nothing in the "exercise class" experience I've ever done before- Hikercise is much more engaging. Being outdoors is the PERFECT component to an exercise program in our region! Thank YOU for sharing your program with me, I look forward to joining you again in the future!
Lindsay S. : Durango, CO