Hikercise | About


Hikercise is the closest experience to mobile yoga available, physically and philosophically rooted in yoga and other disciplines. With almost twenty years as an active yogi, Mimi Gates has created a mobile outdoor fitness program that addresses the Whole Body.
In the early 1990s as a need to burn energy after long days in San Francisco's financial district, Mimi began hiking the San Francisco hills home each day, often taking up to an hour and a half exploring various neighborhoods, instead of the usual direct thirty minutes.
After moving out of the city, the idea to use wrist weights sprung while hiking the northern California trails. With Osio, her dog and most excited Hikerciser at her side and wrist weights on her wrists, Mimi has continued to hike her way home to and through Colorado and eventually to Durango, where in the heart of the San Juan Mountains she has been inspired to bring Hikercise to everyone who likes to walk.
Mimi is a certified personal trainer and yoga fitness instructor, offering personalized attention on the Hikercise trail.