Hikercise | Pricing


Anyone new to Hikercise can please enjoy their first class for free.
The reason we offer your first day free is to give you a comfortable chance to get acquainted with Hikercise. For some new Hikercisers, it can be awkward to incorporate arm exercises while walking, especially as we may hike some uneven terrain. There exists a learning curve, thus we want to introduce you to Hikercise with encouragement and support.
Hikercise is the kind of class you jump into, and trust you will get it as you go along, and you will!!
Costs of classes are as follows:
$10- drop-in class.
$70- for a ten-class punch-card (no expiration date).
$45- for private instruction.
Typically, classes run about an hour, however, we are known to "lose time" out there, and may occasionally run ten or fifteen minutes over. We do not intend to be disrespectful of others' schedules - just a "hazard" of our natural environment conflicting with our scheduled lives (darn it!). If you are ever on a tight schedule, please let us know.


Anytime a Hikerciser brings someone new to Hikercise, please enjoy a free class. We thank you so much for sharing your Hikercise enthusiasm!